Friday, November 18, 2016

26 Accepted questions on Coveo for Sitecore

Knowledge is wealth. And creating that wealth of knowledge and maintaining it is not an east feat.

Everyday there are so many questions asked, reviewed, suggested and answered in So, I wanted to tap into this knowledge to put it to good use. While SSE gives us an option to see the unanswered questions, I feel there should be a option to see the accepted questions. Or have an option to search only in answered questions. This can sometimes help reduce the noise and see if a question is answered and accepted.

While writing this blog, I asked the same question in under #stackexchange channel. And what do you expect? It was answered in few seconds. Shows how useful slack is sometimes right?

Not just answering the question dmytro also showed the path for creating queries in stackexchange
Here is simple query which pulls all the accepted answers under Sitecore site.

Query for the above goes like this
  Posts.Id AS [Post Link]
  PostTypeId = 1
  AND AcceptedAnswerId > 0
Results can be downloaded in .csv file format. This can be extremely helpful in maintaining the knowledge base and utilizing same in training.

If you want to play around then you can create new queries using the link below

Well back to my post after a useful deviation, here are the google slides that I created from for accepted questions with Coveo tag. Though we can run our own queries as suggested above it always feels good if the content is curated and made available for easy consumption. And one such effort I tried below.

If you wish to look at the original conversation,  you click on the question and it will link you back to stack exchange site for details.

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